Designing the Absurd Assignment 3: Absurd Wearable

Mask of Wisdom

A mask for people who can’t stop talking amid this COVID-19 pandemic.


Inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and also the a few projects on provided by Pedro, I set out to make a mask out of all the wearable choices.

There are hacks from the public around the topic of a more user-friendly mask.

Such a hack in the US is not as popular as Asia. Most Americans are comfortable with just wearing gloves, for some reason most of them are against the use of masks. Being a foreigner that cannot speak for the Americans, I can only make my very wild guess: They hate the idea of covering they mouth as they have to talk with their mouth exposed to the air.

Even for some of the most iconic super heroes, they don’t conceal their lower half of the face.

In comparison to heroes in Asia. They cover their lower half of their face.

That why we need a mask for the US. A mask that provide the flexibility for them to reveal their mouth, while still being protected by a mask for all the possible droplet infection.

Visual Inspiration

Visual Design

A ventilated mask
With a folding hinge mechanism
With a swappable “mouth” that you can reveal with the door opened


Moving Mechanism Demo


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