Jason is originally from Hong Kong, currently a graduate candidate at NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program (ITP). Prior to NYU, Jason graduated as the valedictorian of the class of 2018, with a Bachelor degree of Science in Creative Media at CityU Hong Kong. After college, he has worked full-time as a Salesforce engineer at South China Morning Post (SCMP), a leading English-language digital media company led by Silicon Valley veteran.

Jason consider himself a hybrid of a programmer, a designer, a maker and a technologist, who is obsessed with intuitive, functional, yet aesthetic interactions, interfaces and hardware products. Aspiring to harness strong technical skills along with creative design to build disruptive solutions which solve human-centric problems, he has got half a foot in the tech hardware startup door. He is the lead designer of an award-winning smart home product from MIT Entrepreneurship and Maker Skills Integrator(MEMSI), a bootcamp where he teamed up with students from MIT to pull off a hardware product prototype with a sound business plan.

Prior to MEMSI, he has been honored in numerous technology and design related competitions and exhibitions, with his other interactive projects, including “Disney ImagiNation Design Competition, “Run! Vendor” and “False Awakening”. Recently, he is enamored by the study of dream and brain-computer interfaces in both the tech and the science facets.

Projects aside, Jason frequently speaks in exhibitions, talks and seminars to share his perspective on technology and his journey of pursuing passion.


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