BLE Interactions Final: OptiMice

OptiMice OptiMice is a completely novel, online customer experience. I aim to build a manufacturing pipeline that offers tailor-made/bespoke computer mice to professional computer users who value ergonomics, productivity, and customization, by harnessing machine learning, 3D scanning and printing technology. Story Board System Diagram Block Diagram Bill of material Handshake guide System components… Continue reading BLE Interactions Final: OptiMice


BLE Interactions WK3: Dumb Smart Switch V2

Project on GitHub p5.js demo This weeks assignment is a revision of the previous project. The stellar addition for this week is the p5 sketch that controls the device. Intro As straight forward as it should, this P5 sketch performs as a control panel to essentially replaces the LightBlue app. The LightBlue app is… Continue reading BLE Interactions WK3: Dumb Smart Switch V2

Common Interactions

Describe some common interactions with tangible controls that you've encountered, in short sentences. Slide Switch Xpreen nose trimmer A slide switch covered with a relatively large textured piece on top of a rod/handle like object. Feel extremely natural to hold then land your thumb onto the switch right after that. Especially, the interesting thing is,… Continue reading Common Interactions

BLE Interactions WK2: Dumb Smart Switch

Project on GitHub Disclaimer: This week's project is rather basic. Intro Dumb Smart Switch is a BLE powered switch that enables the user to push any existing (dumb) switch/buttons for your home and appliances in a rather "smart" way. It also has schedule functionality to perform routines. My all time inspiration for my projects… Continue reading BLE Interactions WK2: Dumb Smart Switch

BLE Interactions WK1: Product discovery

I am a huge consumer electronics nerd and I watch tons of tech review videos every day. I am confident to say I have a pretty good understanding (or sometime guess) of most product's specification. As I might already know what they mostly are, I am attempting to dig out some potentially deep or tiny… Continue reading BLE Interactions WK1: Product discovery

BLE Interactions WK1: BLE discovery

For this weeks discovery exercise, I have decided to look into the devices I own, as it is rather cumbersome to try out connecting to unnamed devises that are mostly no connectable. My choices are my "Jason's MacBook Pro" and "Apple Pencil" the peripherals near me Jason's MacBook Pro Little bit of context. My MacBook… Continue reading BLE Interactions WK1: BLE discovery

Designing for Digital Fab: Two Cities

"Two Cities" is a shadow art installation , inspired by the 12 hours times difference of the two cities I love - my hometown Hong Kong, and NYC the city I'm currently residing in. Inspiration Hong Kong and NYC are located on the two ends of the same globe, completely opposite to each other.… Continue reading Designing for Digital Fab: Two Cities

💸 BankHeist

Live Demo here More information and code on GitHub BankHeist makes live remote singing possible. A receiver and a signer log into a secure environment over the internet to sign all sorts of documents remotely while communicating through a video chat application. The receiver obtain real-time signature data from the signer, then the computer… Continue reading 💸 BankHeist