Shop for box/container Actually, purchasing the right package would be the most difficult process, yes I need to balance the ease of manipulating the package and how ideal the ready-made meets my expectation. My first priority would be a clear plastic cylinder with metal lid. Not only it serves the purpose of showing the art… Continue reading ART TOY DESIGN WK6: Packaging


ART TOY DESIGN WK2: Sculpt Your Toy

Materials DollarTree @ Flushing Ave, Queens Materials acquired from DollarTree Head Sculpt A toy foam dice but used as "blue foam" Rounding off the foam Body Sculpt very similar scale, but different body shape and ratio superglue is very handy Glamor Shots character turnaround Conclusion Right from the start I knew I shouldn't tie myself… Continue reading ART TOY DESIGN WK2: Sculpt Your Toy