Hello Computer WK4: Jarvis

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ZJSKCOExt0 Code on GitHub Intro What I'm trying to achieve for this week is to recreate "JARVIS" with DialogFlow, node.js, actions-on-google, GoogleCloud and functions on Firebase. If you don't already know, "JARVIS" in the iconic AI from the superhero movie/comic Iron Man. The movie has always been my inspiration since I was small, not only… Continue reading Hello Computer WK4: Jarvis


Hello Computer WK3: Dialog Flow Experiment

Personally, I have to confess that this assignment is probably the most "challenging" one so far that I have had at ITP. It is challenging in the sense that, I feel extremely constraint, and at the same time confused in the DialogFlow environment. Sometimes I am unsure about if what envision in my mind is… Continue reading Hello Computer WK3: Dialog Flow Experiment

Hello Computer WK 1: Speak Box

Speak Box Speak Box is a beat box sequencer built with the speech synthesis functionality from the Web Speech API, altogether with SortableJS, and Materialize. Live Demo on glitch.com Inspiration My very first inspiration came from a recent YouTube video from Andrew Huang, a music producer who produces impressive music with creative techniques or instruments.… Continue reading Hello Computer WK 1: Speak Box